The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 1st Day Wroxham to Ranworth

Saturday 9 June 2012 14:50

Joely and Nina dining like royalty

Joely and Nina dining like royalty

A blog post a picture gallery and the occasional video for each day.

What we got up to

The routeJoely, Nina and I will be spending the next week on a boat on The Broads. The first time the three of us have been on holiday on our own, although we did go as a full family in 2009, and Kahra and I went in 2010.

This year it was only planned for Joely and I to go, but Monday will be Kahra's first day at her new school St Bede's. Lucy will be taking Kahra on the train for the 1st week while she gets confident with it, this left no one to look after to Nina, so lucky her, she gets unexpected holiday.

Unexpectedly, we left without undue hassle and on time, miracle!

The boat we had hired had been crashed the previous week (4 lady hirers) so we were lucky enough to be offered an upgrade to a more expensive boat, “Brinks Omega”. As always, the staff at Barnes Brinkcraft were helpful and friendly.

After leaving Wroxham we took a left the river and took a detour around Wroxham Broad, where 2 years ago we did a lot of swimming/washing in tropical heat. Horning Sailing Club were hosting their regatta week and we had to pick our way through hundreds of racing dinghies.

Resisted the temptation to moor at Salthouse Broad and went to Ranworth Broad where we moored at the island. Joely and Nina made some friends and enjoyed playing. Lex was attacked by another dog, heart was in my mouth as I was sure he was badly heart, but he appeared unscathed.

The other was a whopper!Caught a nice fish 1st cast just as a man came to collect the mooring fee, he politely reminded me that it was the fishing close season and I would likely get a big fine if caught.

That was the end of fishing for this holiday, well almost wink

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