The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 3rd Day Rockland to Loddon via Norwich

Monday 11 June 2012 14:50



A blog post a picture gallery and the occasional video for each day.

What we got up to today

The routeToday is Kahra's first day at her new school, thinking about her and hoping the day goes well, Luv you Kahra!!

Today we left Rockland and travelled upstream to Norwich. This is the only bit of The Broads that I have not visited regularly so it was nice to be on some relatively unexplored territory.

Norwich is hardly a quaint little village so were not planning on stopping for long. The Harbour Master said if we were less than an hour he would refund our £5 mooring fee. I promised the girls they could split this between them if they kept their shopping trip to less than an hour – we were back in 45 minutes and £5 richer.

We then travelled back downstream through Brundall with all the posh boats to Loddon.

Loddon is at the end of a 3 mile stretch of a very narrow river that has some very scary looking dilapidated pilings along much of its length. Like Rockland I am sure this puts a lot of hire cruisers off, as it is quiet and peaceful  once your reach Loddon at the end.

This is where Lex fell inJust after we had moored I heard a splash behind me, I presumed it was a duck but luckily looked behind me. Lex had lost his footing prancing about getting excited over ducks and fallen.

As I took my jacket off I lost sight of him and for the second time this week my heart was in my mouth!

His head popped up and luckily I was able to lay down and just reach the scuff of his neck and yank him out. Must have scared the life out of him to as he spent the next 5 minutes running up and down the bank licking everyone in sight.

We had another BBQ for dinner.

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