The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 4th Day Loddon to Oulton Broad

Tuesday 12 June 2012 14:50

Safetly moored at Oulton Broad Yacht Station

Safetly moored at Oulton Broad Yacht Station

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What we got up to today

The routeWe went for a walk this morning in to the village of Loddon, I was tempted to take the boat as the route through the cow field was full of pats, but I was unsure how much room there would be to manoeuvre, and the lack of bow-thrusters does not instil confidence.

As it happens there was plenty of room, still I guess the walk was good exercise!

After bacon and eggs we left for Oulton Broad via Reedham travelling through the Haddiscoe Cut. When we go to Oulton the wind had really picked up and where I usually moor, outside the Wherry Hotel was closed as the hotel is undergoing refurbishment. This meant that the only other moorings in the Yacht Station were all taken and the Yacht Station was operating a one-in-one-out policy, night club style. Luckily we were next in the queue.

The wind was really blowing us around but managed to get moored without hitting anything, but needed the help of the two Yacht Station guys and our new neighbour.

The girls enjoying dessertJoely and Nina really liked it at Oulton as there is a great park to play in that is right next to the mooring, but they were a little disappointed with the number of gift shops.

In the evening we went out for our 1st meal of the holiday. At an hours wages per dessert I was glad we were not planning to eat out often!

Panoramic views

A panoramic view of Loddon

A panoramic view of Loddon

A panoramic view of Oulton Broad Yacht Station

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