The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 5th Day Oulton to St Olaves via Beccles

Wednesday 13 June 2012 14:50

Joely and Nina feeding the ducks at St Olaves

Joely and Nina feeding the ducks at St Olaves

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What we got up to today

The routeAfter another play in the park we left Oulton Broad and made our way downstream towards Beccles.

We stopped at the Waveney River Centre as Joely and Nina had not spent enough money on presents, I’m sure at this point they were buying for friend of friends that they might have once met!

Despite the large shop this is a good place to stop. There is a nice play area, Nina got half way across the monkey swing and could not make it any further, it was a good drop to the floor and it was not hard to hear the screams from 150 yards away.

At Beccles we had a relax for a few hours, lunch and yep another trip to the shops!

Joely’s highlight of the day was when her ice-cream fell in to the box of sprinkles! Nina’s was feeding the baby ducks!

We left Beccles to start our way back to Great Yarmouth and moored overnight at St Olaves. I had a couple of real ales and the girls J2Os, but resisted the temptation to eat out and cooked a chilli instead.


A video of Oulton Broad and a walk through of the boat

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