The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 6th Day St Olaves to Ranworth

Thursday 14 June 2012 14:50

Girls having lollies at the Bridge Inn, Acle

Girls having lollies at the Bridge Inn, Acle

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What we got up to today

The routeThis morning we left St Olaves reasonably early as again we wanted the catch the low tide at Great Yarmouth. We were a couple of hours early but still had 6 inches spare under the bridge. This meant that we would be fighting the tide going upstream so we moored at Yarmouth Yacht Station and had a shower and brunch.

Heading downstream on the River Bure towards Wroxham we stopped at the Stracey Arms Mill.

All week Joely and I have done an excellent job mooring the boat, but here I messed up twice. The 1st attempt one of the mooring lines was under the BBQ and when pulled tight it flipped the BBQ in to the river. Good job we were out of BBQ food! To make matters worse this piece of bank did not have any mooring posts or rings so we had to pull off again.

The 2nd attempt Joely jumped off with the mooring rope but there were no posts here just rings which confused Joely. I jumped of the back with another mooring line only to realise that the boat was in reverse and not neutral, DOH! Jumping back on I spilt a glass of Ribena everywhere, double DOH!!

The Stracey Arms MillAnyway we eventually got safely moored, and at the mill they have a few farm pets, a gift shop and a café.

Great views from the top of the mill and some good educational stuff about windmills and the broads in general inside, the girls were engrossed, not big on the cultural stuff these two!

Less than half hour away was the Bridge Inn at Acle, but the girls were still keen to stop for more cold stuff. As well as more lollies there was a nice play area and some electric go-carts, you will have to watch the video to see Joely and Nina’s driving skills.

Whose cardigan is that?We moored for the evening back at the island at Ranworth Broad where we moored the 1st evening. Hanging on the sign was someones cardigan that they had left behind. Which bozo would do such a thing? I would tell but Joely made me promise not to!


Joely and Nina on the go-carts

Panoramic views

A panoramic view of Breydon Water

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