The Norfolk Broads 2012 - 7th Day Ranworth to Horning via Ludham

Friday 15 June 2012 14:50

Joely and Nina enjoying yet another ice-cream

Joely and Nina enjoying yet another ice-cream

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What we got up to today

Our last day today, we return the boat tomorrow at 10am, we were later to find out that it should be 9am, oops!

The routeWe travelled the short distance for the island to the main moorings at Ranworth. I had a relaxing couple of hours, and the girls went on the nature trail and to the Broads Visitor Centre. Found a nice shop to buy Kahra and Ellie’s presents.

Our next stop was Ludham where I had a great ‘real’ coffee and the girls the obligatory ice-creams.

Whilst we were relaxing the were a couple of cruisers approaching the bend in the river, just as the ‘Wherry Albion’ a 114yr old traditional Norfolk Wherry came around the corner. I’m sure it was a real twitchy bum moment, but except for a bit of a bump and a scrape, no serious damage.

Our final nights mooring was at the Ferry Inn Horning, we planned this so that we could have only our 2nd meal out.

The girls really loved it here, a play area and an amusement arcade with Joely’s favourite 2p machines.

Tomorrow, home crying

Panoramic views

A panoramic view of Ranworth

A panoramic view of Ranworth

A panoramic view of The Ferry Inn Horning

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