Legoland (Saturday)

Saturday 7 July 2012 12:00

Joely and Nina at the All Saints 2012 Sports Day

Joely and Nina at the All Saints 2012 Sports Day

Our first day at Legoland! This year we have "Merlin Passes" and we are planning to make the most of them.

We left on the Friday night and stayed in a cheapy hotel near Windsor. We planned to spend one day at Legoland and the next at Windsor castle.

But, we agreed if we did not rush round like maniacs, if we did not get around in one day we would skip the castle and spend the 2nd day at Legoland as well.

Well, we had a great day, and a good pub meal in the evening.

Goes without saying that we will be back at Legoland tomorrow!

The videos

Lego solidiers at Buckingham Palace The girls getting their driving licences

More driving practice Joely and Nina on the fairground ride

Who wins the fire engine race? The Spinning Spider ride

Nice and gentle! Here comes dinner!

Umpteen £'s and 4 years of dance lessons!

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