Boat hire in Latchi

Friday 26 August 2011 17:00

Moored at Fontana Amoroza

Moored at Fontana Amoroza

We loved the first time so much that we had to hire a speed boat again. A half day is €110 but this time we managed to get the morning for only €50 more - Bargain!!

Also, rather than a conventional speed boat we decided for a change and went for a 6.5m RIB with a more powerful 115hp engine, and this time we also had a 2 person inflatable:

Kahra and Nina Cottam being towed

This time we went to the furthest point that we were allowed to travel to "Cape Arnautis". There is a interesting beach here with a memorial and lots of rocks for Nina to climb. I managed to swim ashore with the camera to take some pictures of the RIB.

Our RIB moored at Cape ArnautisAlex had told us about a sunken shipwreck and to keep an eye out for what looked like a metal post on the beach and marked the place on the map. We found what we thought was it but could not be sure until we dived in. It was fantastic bit's of ship every where, lots of those fish that look like broom sticks, and I found what I thought must have been the engine block. Thanks for the tip Alex.

From the shipwreck we headed to "Fontana Amoroza! where we has some more snacks from the 2 coolboxes we had for the day. Had another snorkel then left for the "Blue Lagoon".

We spent sometime at the Blue Lagoon and all swam ashore to spend some time on dry land. Joely had been suffering from some mild sea sickness. Whilst the RIB seemed better at high speed it did not seem quite as comfortable when at anchor, but maybe it was just a bit wavier than our previous outing.

Next stop was Manolis Bay famous for the sea caves. This was definately mor eof an adult dive as there was a bit of a swell near the caves and the high cliffs meant that you were in the shade much of the time which made it quite dark (creepy) under water..

On the way back we spotted some sailing boats for hire, typical that we are nearlly at the end of the holiday!!

Once back at Latchi we had another great meal at our fav restaurant the "Nicandross Fish Tavern."

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