Hiring a speedboat for the Day in Latchi

Wednesday 17 August 2011 17:00

Hiring a speedboat in Latchi

Hiring a speedboat in Latchi

Another morning lazing around the pool, having fun with the kids and bringing the blog up to date.

Left to pick up the boat from Georges Boat Hire in Latchi. Had an excellent coaching and safety lesson from Alex who also marked some additional points of interest on the local map.

Our plan was to travel to our furthest point the Fontana Amoroza and the Blue Lagoon and then stop off at as many of the coves as possible on the way back.

At anchor off the beach at Fontana Amoroza

We "zigzagged" out of the harbour and opened the throttle, what a thrill. After getting use to the boat for 10 minutes Kahra was to be the first victim in the ring. With some rudimentary hand signals agreed for faster, slower and stop I have had enough, out she went. Kahra had great fun, but I was not “allowed” to make her fall off, shame!

I wanted to take a picture of Kahra and realised that I had left my bag with camera and Lucy’s phone in back on the quayside. Lucy keen not to travel further without the phone (VHF radio was broken) just in case of a problem with the boat etc so we headed back to Latchi Harbour.

Lucy having a Tube Ride being towed by a speedboat Happily we collected our bag (Alex ahd safely under lock and key) and got on our way again. Everyone took a turn in the ring on the way to Fontana Amoroza, except for me, just could not bring myself to trust Lucy if I fell out, highly likely as I felt Lucy was in the mood to be a bit heavy handed with the throttle.

Dropped anchor at Fontana Amoroza and all of us went snorkelling even Joely and Nina had a go.

A bit more a speed session with the ring and off to Blue Lagoon, where we dropped anchor swam to the beach. Kahra and I snorkelled around the cove on the way back far more fish here and lots more of interest to see.

Unfortunately time was up and we had to head back to Latchi. Fuel came to only €30. All in all I think the day was a bargain, being double the cost of a ride in a glass bottomed boat or equivalent to 3.5 hours in a pedal boat at Coral Beach!

If ever there was a perfect day this was it!!

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