Paphos Water Park & Amarakos Farm House

Friday 19 August 2011 17:00

Paphos Water Park

Paphos Water Park

Today we were off to Paphos Water Park, tried to leave as early as possible but by the time we were in the car I’m sure it was 9.30. I had printed out a map of where the park was before we left, but somehow it had gone astray.

We were confident that if we headed for Paphos we would pick up some sign posts we set off. Big mistake! 12pm and we were still not there despite stopping many people at the side of the road and even a visit to a police station. Regretting not being able to get an internet connection, and had many cigarette thoughts. Eventually we found it and €110 lighter we were in. Great place lot of slides and rides, plus plenty of places to relax.

Food was good, a pot of noodles (lots of flavours) for €5 which is about the same price as a kids meal in a restaurant, but the kids thought it was great and happy for them to have something other than chips or ice cream for a change.

Found a place with a wave pool and a bar playing some kicking music. Spent the time alternating between sunbathing, relaxing in the pool and trying out the different rides some of which had no queues and we went on lots one after the other.

Wave Pool with 'Party' bar and kicking music all day

Interesting payment system at the park you get a wrist band with a bar code, all purchases including food, drink and gift shop get booked to the band and you pay at the end of the day, so no cash needed. Total came to €50 which was not bad.

On the internet they had a deal that you could pay for a 2nd day at half price. The kids had so much fun and Lucy and I enjoyed it too, so we decided to pay for another day (at half price) and go again next week.

Amarakos Farm House

On the way to Argaka we saw a sign for a “Traditional Farmhouse Tavern” a couple of kilometres up in to the hills in a small village called Kato Akourdalia. We decided to investigate and went up a long and windy mountainous road, Lucy said there was no way a could drive back after a bottle of wine from this one.

Meze at the Amarakos Farm House

We found the Amarakos Farm House, on the way in I saw Grandad asleep in the rocking chair. There were only 3 tables and we had the last. Truly a family run place, oranges and other fruits and vegetables grown themselves, all the dishes handmade. We had the “Meze” (a mixed selection of starters) for 3. Food was great, the best yet, highlight for the kids was very lean bacon with a local cheese on top, very tasty. Ashamed to admit but I cannot remember most of the dishes names, Lucy favourite was the beef that had been marinated in wine for 3 days (no surprise)mine would be the bacon. Lucy had a traditional Cypriot cake and we shared a couple of local beers (KEO) and a had few glasses of wine. Excellent evening we may be back to this one!

When we got back the kids were too tired for a swim and went straight to bed. Lucy and I retired to the jacuzzi.

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