Evretou Dam

Monday 22 August 2011 17:00

Evretou Dam

Evretou Dam

Today we set to “Ride In Cyprus” a horse riding centre not far from Argaka. It’s up in the mountains and as usual we took a short cut, but this one ended up being little more than a goat track, and someone had a cheek even putting it on the map, Lucy was not impressed.

The views and 'goat tracks' in the mountains

We followed the directions but where the centre should have been was just a few deserted houses and stables, it looked like a ghost town out of a western. Kahra wanted to explore but I found the place just to eerie!

Evretou Dam was not far away and I was keen to take a look, luckily we managed to get their via tarmac roads.

The Evretou Dam

The reservoir was just like the sea, crystal clear and you could see the trees that were growing before the valley was flooded. I found it all really interesting but as usual the family were less than impressed. Kahra and Nina did not even get out of the car, Joely has a school task to have her picture taken reading a book in unusual places, and a dam seemed a good opportunity.

On the way back we stopped at Latchi harbour, desperate for a cool drink and went to Nicandross and let the kds refuel on pizza and chips. Did another deal on a speedboat, and booked 7m RIB for Friday, it’s a bit bigger than last time and has a 115hp engine which we can tow a double ring easily with so that should be fun.

Finished the day by going to Latch’s northern beach where there are 3 rock breakwaters that are great for snorkelling and we saw some of our biggest fish here. Nina had a long snorkelling session and seemed to really enjoy herself. Further along the beach I spotted 3 catamarans, will have to investigate these another day.

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