Horse Riding in Paphos

Thursday 25 August 2011 17:00

The Cottam Family - Horse Riding in Paphos

The Cottam Family - Horse Riding in Paphos

Started the day with a swim in the sea by our favourite beach bar and had a light lunch.

After our failed attempt to go horse riding on Monday we found found what and booked at another centre in Peyia, near Coral Beach.

As usual we took the "scenic" route in the mountains:

View of the sea from the mountains

After finding the horse riding centre we had a couple of hours to kill. So went to exploring and sumbled upon St Georges Harbour (Agios Georgios Pegeias, Peyia), the first place we have seen that has a formal dinghy sailing club, which I later found out was run by Brits. Lots to do and see here and could of done with more time.

The Cottams horse riding in Cyprus Having temporarily forgotten the pain of spending €150 for an hour :-( we got mounted and set off. Just my luck to get an arsey bugger that bared his teeth every time it was asked to do something, turned into a battle of wills. Reminded me of Lucy on a Saturday night :-).

On the way back we went to the village of Peyia which looked very picturesque. We found what looked looked like an excellent restaurant "The Mediterranean", which was run by a very eccentric lady and her lady friend. The meal was excellent, we had a mixture of traditional "Meze" and Cypriot BBQ. Although excellent food was somewhat spoilt by the price (nearly €100) and having to wait forever for the bill. I eventually had to tell the owner she was 2 minutes from having to post the bill to the UK!

Just for a change swim and a Jacuzzi when we got home, nice!

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