Latchi Beach

Tuesday 23 August 2011 17:00

The kids having fun in the sea at Latchi Beach

The kids having fun in the sea at Latchi Beach

Another lazy morning, I read half a book and wrote a couple of pages for the blog. Lucy watched Karate Kid 3 with the kids.

This afternoon, off to the beach to investigate those catamarans I spotted yesterday ;-)

The beach at Latchi, to the right of Latchi on the Polis side, has 3 man made islands that keep the sea really calm.

The beach at Latchi and the three islands

Further down the beach I could see 3 or for boats, went for a walk bu no "For Hire" signs and no body that looked as though they were renting them, just two ladies takin a rest.. Disappointed as there is always a strong breeze by the sea here and would have been great fun.

As was nearly always the case we finished off the day in the beach bar! :-)

We stopped at Polis on the way back to Argaka and chose the most "traditional" looking restaurant that we could find. Had an excellent meal, the first time I ahve had authentic Stifado since Kos probably 20 years ago "back in the day"!

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